Botox Injections

Cervical SpineBotox (onabotulinum toxin A) is a purified protein that comes from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It works in the muscle where it is injected to block signals that tell the muscle to contract. This is done by stopping nerves from releasing acetylcholine, a substance that transmits signals from nerves to muscles.

Botox is FDA approved for many conditions and in our practice we specialize in Botox injections for the treatment of spasticity and cervical dystonia.

Spasticity is an abnormal tightening of the muscles which can cause pain, decrease joint range of motion and limit functional use of an extremity. Spasticity is associated with many common neurological conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis.

Cervical dystonia is an uncontrollable muscle tightening or turning of the neck. Its cause is unknown but Botox can help reduce painful spasms and improve head positioning.

Once you have been deemed an appropriate candidate for Botox, your doctor will perform injections in several selected muscle groups. Botox injections are performed in the office in the same amount of time as a regular office visit. Botox injections are performed with very fine needles so most patients experience only mild discomfort. Patients may resume normal activity immediately after injections. Peak time to see benefit is generally one to two weeks after injections but improvements can be seen as early as twenty-four hours after injections. Injections may need to be repeated at three to four month intervals to maintain optimal results.

Botox is reimbursed by most insurance companies and our office staff will assist you with obtaining preauthorization from your insurance company before injections are scheduled.

Additional information is available through the office so ask your doctor today if Botox treatment is right for you.